On Obstacles


I sat on a boulder by a creek at Esalen in Big Sur, savoring the beauty of the land.  I was mesmerized by the flow of the water over and around the rocks, and was entranced by the sound this movement created.

Then suddenly I had a lightbulb moment, a flash of insight and clarity.  I saw that the rocks, the “obstacles”, create resistance to the flow of water, and how water navigates these obstacles is a source of beauty.  

Some water goes around the rocks, some water goes over, I presume some water even soaks into the earth and proceeds to its destination under the obstacles in its path.  

How water navigates obstacles is a source of beauty. 

What if we looked at the obstacles in our lives in the same way?

What would it be like to imagine that the obstacles we are experiencing are here to help us hone our skills, increase our resilience, deepen our connections, foster our creativity, and create even more beauty? 

What would it be like if we were to respond to our collective obstacles and challenges in the same way? Perhaps we could use these challenges as opportunities to create a world that is truly sustainable, where all beings are honored, where we each use our passions and unique talents to contribute to the greater good.

What would it be like…?

Nancy Larocca Hedley