Developing the capacity of leaders to inspire their teams and realize their boldest visions

Executive Coaching

  • 1:1 coaching for senior leaders over 3-6+ months
  • Explore: Where are you today as a leader? Where do you want to be? Where do you want your organization to be?
  • Act: Take focused action toward your goals.
  • Grow: Learn and grow from the obstacles you encounter, developing greater flexibility, resilience, and effectiveness in the process.
  • 6 or 12 session packages
  • Optional interview-based 360 with 8-12 colleagues

Facilitation and Training

  • Interactive, in-person learning and development programs leveraging in-house content and best-in-class external programs
  • Skilled training and facilitation, combined with expertise in coaching and group dynamics, to maximize the return on your investment.
  • ½ day and full day programs available

Laser Coaching

  • One-time individualized coaching for managers and individual contributors to unblock a specific leadership challenge
  • Walk away with insights about yourself, the situation, and tools for troubleshooting and taking action.
  • Coaching Day Package (4 to 8 leaders, 45 minutes each)

Coaching Groups

  • Small group coaching for leaders
  • Hone skills, deepen insight, and learn from your peers. Leave each session with concrete actions to take.
  • Groups typically convene around a topic such as Navigating Work/Life Balance, Developing Coaching Skills for Managers, Women in Tech, etc.
  • 90 minute sessions, weekly or biweekly, up to 6 sessions

Developing the capacity of teams to realize their boldest visions.

Strengths Workshops

  • Improve working relationships through understanding, appreciating, and leveraging the diverse strengths of your team.

  • 2-4 hour workshop

Myers-Briggs Workshops

  • Debug relationships and learn to communicate more effectively by exploring, understanding, and valuing different working styles.

  • 4-8-hour workshop

Customized Solutions

  • Designed to meet the unique needs of your team.

  • Possibilities range from 2-hour workshops supporting your team in developing its mission, vision, or values, to multi-month engagements at all levels of your organization.


Supporting people to discover their work and step into their purpose


  • 1:1 coaching to explore the big questions of life and work

  • Explore: Who am I, really? What am I here to do?

  • Act: What actions can I take to offer my unique gifts to the world?

  • Grow: When obstacles arise on the journey, how can I use them as a resource for next-level growth?

  • Typical Coaching Engagement: 2 coaching sessions per month for 3 months. We’ll assess needs from there.

Workshops and Retreats

  • Custom-designed workshops and retreats: 2-hour workshops to multi-day retreats in nature

  • Dive deep into the possibilities for your life and work

  • Experience support of community for bringing these dreams into physical reality

  • Can be combined with 1:1 or group coaching

  • Collaborative experiences with other world-class facilitators