Case Study: Navigating Transitions With Coaching

We are grateful to our client, Di Y., who has generously agreed to share her coaching experience so others can have a sense for how Nancy supports people when navigating questions of career, life, and purpose. Additional testimonials follow.


“I attended Nancy's workshop on "Purpose at Work" when I was going through a major transition in my career and life. I had just quit my corporate job to pursue a new career direction. I was also newly engaged so I had my fiancee's needs to consider when making my life decisions, and I was facing the option of either joining my fiancee in New Mexico or staying in major coastal cities to build my new career. It was an exciting and intimidating time, and the path ahead was full of unknowns and uncertainties. I was anxious and lost. At Nancy's workshop, her guided meditation exercise to visualize our path ahead helped me rediscover my faith as the anchoring guide for my journey.”

“I followed my faith and moved to New Mexico. Doubts about New Mexico and everything else remained. (It's hard to self-coach through this major transition, even though I was trained as a professional coach myself.) I knew I had to work with Nancy, an executive coach with the context of high-tech industry and the capability of activating my spirituality, which is key to my navigation in a world of uncertainty.”


“During our year-long engagement, Nancy supported me in navigating barriers I ran into. Our coaching sessions always focused on the topic that mattered the most to me at the moment. Nancy brought unfailing cheerful energy to create a safe space for every session. Her deep listening always picked up my unarticulated mental blocks. She challenged me to exercise my strengths and potential and never let me off the hook with growing myself to the next level. Our coaching sessions helped me: 

  • Gain clarity regarding important relationships in my life
  • Shed external expectations about how to build a startup
  • Let go of fixed beliefs on what success looks like
  • Hold internal tensions while examining my thought process to access creative solutions
  • Develop the warrior side of me to speak the important truths at work and in life.”  


“Thanks to Nancy's coaching, a year later, I am at a very different place! I am now happily married and have a mutual partnership in work and life with my husband. I am building a startup with impact that stretches across New Mexico and the coastal cities. Moving to New Mexico has not limited me, in fact, it adds a strand of uniqueness to my work and life. All the doubts experienced in my transitional phase have disappeared. More importantly, I am grateful for having established a great support structure that can help me stay anchored on my core values and inner strength, regardless of any external doubts and challenges that may come.”

Additional Testimonials 

"Feeling stuck? Want more for your life? You need to work with Nancy. A couple of years ago, I was a mess. Nancy helped me to see my strength, gave me support, and applied just the right amount of push. Her ability to filter through billions of coaching frameworks and find what works for YOU makes her effective. I run a start-up now. It's something I dreamed of but never thought I could do, and it wouldn't have been possible without Nancy. Since you are reading this, I think you'd want to talk to her too.” 
– Daisy Wang, Fashion Tech Entrepreneur


“Nancy has instructed, mentored, and been my coach through my career transformations over the past five years. I always trust that the journey I go on with Nancy will lead to authentic actions in my life - and I always end up surprising myself at how far I am able to go with her support and guidance. Nancy is someone who is doing what she is meant to do, lighting the path for those who need clarity, opening the door to options in front of us, and providing tools to release the mental blocks holding us back. She is a joy and a pleasure to work with. Simply being around her will lift your spirits and energy.”
 – Laura Ward, Director User Experience at PayPal


“I highly recommend Nancy as a professional coach. She is pleasant, thoughtful and full of great advice, tools and frameworks for achieving personal and professional growth. I have spent the past year working with Nancy and it has made a huge impact. When we first started working together, Nancy took the time to understand my goals, motivations, personality, strengths, etc. Ever since that time, she has done a great job bringing our conversations back to those points so that I am consistently putting new challenges and opportunities in a context that will help me be as successful as possible. From my experience, I am certain that Nancy could help you achieve your professional or personal goals, whatever they may be.” 
– Michael Leo, Product at Glassdoor


“Just before meeting Nancy, I felt like I had been hanging out in a neutral zone in my career, and I just couldn’t get up the gumption to make a change. I was in a fog about how to move forward, and I lacked clarity on what I actually wanted. Nancy has given me powerful tools and invaluable support in helping me gain momentum and clarity, and to start transitioning to the next chapter. Her insights and wisdom have helped me make positive changes in all aspects of my life, to set clear goals that are in alignment with what I value, and to help me stay focused on what I most care about doing and being in the world.” 
– Jami Milton, PhD, Scientific Editor and Mom