Executive Coaching

“Nancy brings to the table a wealth of knowledge on how to tackle tricky organizational and management problems. One of the things I enjoy most about working with Nancy is that she has taken the time to understand me as both a leader and an individual. She helps me tackle the problems I may be facing by reminding me of my strengths and how those can be used to address the issue. When I’m stuck, she asks sincere questions that help guide me towards what I’m trying to achieve. She’ll spend time with individuals in my team as well, to help me better understand them and build a stronger organization and better leaders. I believe that I’m a stronger leader because of my time working with Nancy.”
- Pedro C., Director of Infrastructure Operations, Menlo Park, CA


“Working with Nancy provides me with a great structure for identifying and working towards my goals as a leader inside my current organization and within the larger context of my career. Nancy’s coaching techniques help me to very quickly understand where and why I get stuck – after which she walks me through concrete, straightforward tools for changing my approach and attitude, and creating actions to get un-stuck! She brings a good breadth of experience, an excellent sense of humor and a genuine commitment to her clients – since working with Nancy I’ve felt like there’s nothing I can’t handle as a new member of my company’s executive team. She’s great!”
- Stacia C., Director of Technology, San Francisco, CA


“Over the course of our sessions, Nancy consistently anchored our time in the areas I set out to work on. She provided a lot of space for me to think critically about where I wanted to improve, both as a manager and as an individual. Nancy also armed me with a wealth of tools and resources that I will carry with me for a long time. I could not recommend Nancy more highly. I trust she will continue to lead, inspire, and coach any leader assigned to her case. Thank you for the opportunity to be coached. It was tremendously helpful.
 - Blake B., Sales Industry Manager, Los Angeles, CA


“Having Nancy come in and coach my team has been an invaluable tool for better communication and teamwork within my organization. She has helped me work with each of my team members to understand their strengths and weakness and how they can partner with their peers better. This has created a very visible improvement in my organization and has allowed us to focus on the core issues of the business. If anyone wants to take their team to the next level I definitely recommend working with Mrs. Hedley.”
- Daniel R, COO, San Francisco, CA