Facilitation and Training


Case Study: Facilitation and Training with Simplified Coach


Simplified Coach provides leadership coaching, team facilitation, and training services. Illumine has partnered with Simplified Coach since 2016 to meet the learning and development objectives of one of their largest clients.


The workshops we lead are designed to reinforce the organization’s values and enhance leadership and impact at all levels of the organization. 

As the primary consultant, Nancy applies her skills as a facilitator to:

  • Customize workshops and flex in the moment to meet the unique needs of each group

  • Create an environment that is both safe and fun, where learning can happen

  • Draw out the wisdom in the room, helping participants learn from each other

  • Ensure that each person leaves with clear actions to put learning into practice

  • Support new facilitators, helping them master new content, understand cultural nuances, and prepare for unique facilitation challenges that arise


Since 2016, Nancy has delivered over 160 workshops through Simplified Coach (reaching over 2400 employees) including:

  • StandOut (a strengths-based workshop for teams)

  • Crucial Conversations

  • Fast Feedback

  • PeoplefUel (based on the work of The Energy Project)

  • Managing Unconscious Bias

  • Be the Ally

This work directly results in enhanced employee performance across the company.

Testimonial from Kaylyn Lehmann, Partner, Simplified Coach:

“Nancy is an incredible facilitator. She brings a unique ability to support and challenge participants in order to create deep learning and new insights that lead to increased self-awareness. Nancy is also generous. She gives her time, kindness, and wisdom to her participants, her team members, and all of the people who support making impactful sessions a reality. Simplified Coach is a much better company because she is a part of our team!”

Additional Testimonials:

“Nancy is one of the best instructors I've had. She is completely in tune with the room. She knows our organization -- teams, people, culture -- extremely well (better than I do!). She knows her material, and brings it to life. And she connects with people on what feels like a deeply personal but also fun level. Really great combination. I wish I could take all of my L&D classes from her. Thank you!”


“Nancy was incredible. She kept everyone engaged and kept the class moving at a great pace for everyone. She made the content much easier to understand. Excellent job!”


“Nancy is full of energy and great with managing the material and participation. She encourages personal stories to make it real while always coming back to the data. This class went by ridiculously fast because it was so engaging.”


“Nancy is kind of amazing. From her tone to her demeanor, she's a teacher and a teammate and you want to listen to her. Rare thing, that.”


“Nancy was great! Very friendly and was able to facilitate with the same enthusiasm and energy for nearly 4 hours. It was a truly enlightening session.”