Team Effectiveness

It is a privilege to support a team in working more effectively together. Whether it’s a half-day workshop or a multi-month engagement, we love developing the capacity of teams to realize their boldest visions.


“This session felt much more personal and effective than other team sessions I’ve done in the past. Nancy was great at leading the group but also letting us take the conversation where it leads us as a team.”


“Thank you Nancy for a great session this week. The team has said the session was helpful in better relating to peers - thank you for that! We appreciate it.”


“Our instructor was very engaging and knowledgeable of the content. Appreciate that she created a checklist in the beginning of the session and organized the session as it goes to tackle all the topics the team members wanted to learn about. She has the talent to connect and lead a big group in a short period of time. It definitely gave me new insights to my role and what my strengths are.”


“Nancy is a highly intuitive group facilitator of the highest order. She brings so much thoughtfulness and intention to the activities we shared as a group. Nancy is comfortable improvising in the moment and adjusting to the needs of the group. A master space holder who can bridge many different paradigms and perspectives and then seamlessly translates my disparate thoughts into grounded actionable nuggets.”


“Nancy was an awesome instructor and did a great job of leading our team through the discussion and learning of our strengths.”


“Great program and team building activity. It helped me understand myself better and figure out how to leverage my strengths for higher impact.”


“Great team workshop especially for cross functional teams! Great instructor!”


“Nancy brought a great energy to the room and did a great job facilitating our group."